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Why isn't my track uploading?

There are a number of reasons this might be happening. Please bear in mind the following considerations when you’re trying to upload:

  • Ensure you have a strong, uninterrupted internet connection;
  • Ensure your song is being uploaded in MP3 format. Don’t have it as an MP3? Don’t worry, there are plenty of websites which will convert the track(s) into this format for free;
  • Ensure your song does not exceed the maximum file size of 20MB (per track);
  • Ensure you are in an ‘active’ browser session; if you have left your browser open for a while then you might need to refresh the page before uploading.


  • Check you’re using an up-to-date version of your internet browser; sometimes older versions stop being supported with bug fixes. You could also try the upload in a different browser.
  • Check your anti-virus software is not blocking pop-ups or other actions (if applicable)

If you’ve tried these steps with no luck, please send us an email at support@fairplay.fm. Include information about: The device you’re using to upload, your operating system, your browser, your song (file type and size), and any error messages or timeouts which may be occurring.

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