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I received a response-email for something I didn't do

While most of the emails you’ll receive from us will be as a direct result of an action you’ve taken*, it’s conceivable that you might get one for something you haven’t done!

There are three likely causes for this:

1. You’ve accidentally clicked something you didn’t mean to This is the first thing to check. You can generally go straight back into your account and change this yourself if you find it to be the cause.

2. You left yourself logged in on a different device …and, as a result, somebody else has taken an action on your account. If this has happened then please make sure you log out on all devices and reset your password if needed.

3. There may be a glitch in the site Okay, we cheated a bit because a bug causing this issue is quite unlikely. It’s still possible though. Please send us an email to team@fairplay.fm if you suspect this is the case.

Ultimately, if you can’t make heads of tails of the issue then please feel free to give us an email to team@fairplay.fm

*aside from marketing emails, if you selected to receive those!

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