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How do I upload music?


  1. Login to your account as normal

  2. In the FairPlay Options Bar (the bar that runs along the top on all pages), you’ll see a green ‘Upload Music’ button to the right of the ‘Search’ bar. Click this.

  3. You’ll be taken to a new page entitled ‘Upload to FairPlay.fm

  4. Click ‘Choose tracks to upload’ (you’re agreeing to the Ts & Cs by doing this)

  5. A dialogue box will pop up, enabling you to browse through your files and select which track(s) you would like to upload

  6. Locate the track you’d like to upload, highlight it by clicking, and click ‘Open’ in the dialogue box. Alternatively, double clicking the track will have the same effect.

  • *NB: If you would like to select multiple tracks then simply hold down ‘Ctrl’, while you are selecting (or ‘Cmd’ if you’re on a Mac). Then click ‘Open’. Please be advised that you can only upload a maximum of 5 MP3 tracks at once using this method
  • NB: Until you upload tracks, the page will show the message ‘You have not selected any tracks or playlists yet’ at the bottom
  • NB: You can only upload music if you have an account. To set up a new account, click here. If you need guidance setting up an account, click here*
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