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Is FairPlay a charity?

No, we’re not. But yet, we’re not quite a ‘profit-driven’ company either. We’re kind of an enigma:

We exist to make sure artists get paid fairly and that fans can support them by enjoying fantastic, ad-free music. And when we say “support” we mean properly. Financially. Not just offering artists ‘exposure’ in exchange for years’ worth of blood, sweat and tears.

We pay artists all of the money earned from their songs. 100% of it. The only money which ever comes to us is ‘the leftovers’. FairPlay works on a rolling-subscription model, with users receiving a certain number of credits per month, based on their tier of subscription. The account’s credits reset each month (the same way a phone contract does). Any unused credits are then redundant, and the money from those comes to FairPlay. This money helps us with the boring maintenance costs like servers and web development, as well as less boring marketing-related costs, aimed at bringing in cool new bands for you to enjoy.

…and every now and again we use the extra pennies to top up the coffee tin.

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