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Why am I being charged service fees?

When subscribing or paying for a top-up, you’ve likely seen an additional fee called ‘Services and Taxes’. In fact, that’s probably what led you to this article.

Do we want to add this? Hell no!! Do we have to? Yes, unfortunately.

Sadly, in order to give you the ability to keep supporting the artists you love, we have to pay our taxes. The ‘Services and Taxes’ fee goes towards covering all taxes and transaction fees that national governments and our financial operators pass on to us.

We’ve worked to keep it as low as possible and are grateful to you helping us keep our platform ad free for the benefit of all our artists and listeners.

Remember, we didn’t set up FairPlay to make profit and we don’t take a single penny of the money artists earn - we never will!

Thank you for helping us change the future of music streaming!


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